Sound 2 Freestyler DMX is a free Windows tool to synchronize DMX lights to FreeStyler by the use of a midi sync clock. A midi clock from e.g. Traktor, Ableton or a midi sync clock supported DJ mixer.

Sound 2 Freestyler DMX

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Freestyler DMX

Freestyler DMX is free lighting control software used by many dj's, venues, lighting designers and supported by a vast network of users worldwide. More info about the free software FreestylerDMX can be found at

MIDI Sync Clock

Sound 2 Freestyler DMX uses the Midi Sync Clock to detect the BPM information and send that information to Freestyler DMX


A Midi signal can be used from a Midi hardware device or another Midi application. Such as Midi Sync Clock supported DJ mixers e.g. Behringer DDM 4000, Pioneer DJM900, DJ software Traktor Pro or Ableton


If you use Sound 2 Freestyler DMX with another Midi application such as Traktor Pro or Ableton you need a Midi loop tool. You can use LoopMidi from Tobias Erichsen or LoopBe1 from

Example Traktor Pro

Example Traktor Pro

A detailed description of how to configure a Midi Clock Sync Signal in Traktor Pro can be found here

Example DJ Mixer

Example DJ Mixer

Sound 2 Freestyler DMX in a network

Sound 2 Freestyler DMX can be used in a network. Freestyler DMX runs on a different computer than e.g. Traktor. This is useful where a light jock controls the light besides a DJ using Traktor.

Example network

Enter as host in Sound 2 FreestylerDMX the name or the IP address of the computer where FreeStyler runs. In this example the computer is named LightComputer.

Press the button “Open” to make a connection to FreeStyler. As soon as the connection is made an icon appears in Freestyler.

The status of the connection is shown in Sound 2 FreeStylerDMX e.g. Closed, Connected, or Winsock Resolve Host: Cannot convert host ‘Lightcompuer’


Maybe it is required to turn off temporarily the Firewall and add an exception in the Firewall.

If you don’t understand this very well or you are not familiar with network configuration show this text to someone with network knowledge and he will understand. This network knowledge has nothing to do with specific FreeStyler or Sound2FreestylerDMX configuration.

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